A template is a sample to create new jobs using pre-existing fields and values. In a template, you set the appearance of a job and possible resolutions to it. Also, in the template you set the report fields, choose which one must be filled to successfully complete the job.


To create a new template, click on the Add template button.


Enter the name of the template and job type (all possible types can be configured in the menu Settings → Jobs → Types). Add a short description of the job in the Description field. 


⚠️In the mobile application, the assignee will be able to see the name of the template and the description. They will not be able to see the type of the job. 


⚠️ All the information you will enter using the fields in the template will be automatically copied into the job created using this template. If you already know how long will every job takes, you can enter its value into the Duration field.  Now when you create jobs with this template, you won't have to enter duration each time. You can also assign a specific worker (or team) in the Assignee field if all the future jobs will be assigned to him.


Choose resolutions for assignees to use when they complete the job (resolutions can be configured in the menu Settings → Jobs → Resolutions).


In the job report, you can add all the necessary fields. The assignee will have to fill them to complete the job in the mobile application.





Click on the Add button and the template will be created. 


Edit template


Find the template you need to change in the list, click on its name, make changes, and click on the Save button.


⚠️All the new changes made to the template will be used only when you create new jobs. For the already existing jobs, that use this template, changes won't be applied.


Template, new or already existing one, can be deleted with the click of the button.



Under the template edit window, you can see all the jobs created with this template.

If you want to know more about report fields, read our job report article.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.