In this instruction, we will talk about the job report.

The job report consists of the fields that your assignees require to fill to complete a job. You can configure a set of report fields in the templates.

Find out more about templates in the instruction.

When you add report fields to a template, you can mark some of them as required fields. In this case, your field workers will not be able to complete jobs successfully without filling in the required fields.

Required fields in the job report

As you can see, report fields can have different types, depending on what you have set up in the template.

For example, a report can have Photo fields.

To add a photo to a job, an assignee needs to tap the Photo field. The camera interface will be opened. Here, an assignee can add a photo to a job.

Camera interface in the mobile app

Each Photo field can have up to 10 photos. You can add as many Photo fields to a template as you need.

Other fields can have different information, for example, Text fields can have comments from the assignees, Yes/No fields can mark something as present or absent on the job, and Action fields can be used to mark something as done on the job site.

Filled in report 

After filling in the job report, an assignee can finish a job. 

All the information in the report will be uploaded to the server, so the operator will be able to see it in the web application. 

Job report in the web application 

Photos are uploaded in two steps: first the Planado server retrieves information about a photo being uploaded and then the photo itself is uploaded to the server. Because of that, sometimes you can notice that right after the job completion, you can see a photo field filled in with the Photo is not uploaded warning. You can wait a bit for it to be uploaded or you can ask the job assignee to sync up their up. To sync up the app, a field worker needs to open the Jobs tab in the mobile app and pull the screen from top to bottom. The app will start syncing and photos should be uploaded shortly after that.

Report fields can be configured in the job template

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