Open Jobs page to see a list of all the jobs in your Planado. 

To create a job, click on the Add job button and choose a template.

Jobs are grouped by date and ordered from latest to earliest jobs in the list.

If you need to create a job, but you don't know its exact date yet, you can leave Schedule at field empty. Jobs without a date are placed at the very top in the group Not scheduled.

You can filter the list by assignee, status, template, scheduled date, finish date, and client (site).

You can find a job by its number. To find jobs with a specific client, use the Client / Site filter.

List shows data of each job in the columns. By default, you can see these columns: №, Address, Site (client), Template, Scheduled at, Assignee,  Status.

To add or change columns, click on the wheel button. In the new window, you can select different columns.

Columns in the Custom fields and Report fields are taken from job templates.

If you add any custom or report field in the job template, you will be able to select their column.

If you often use same set of filters and/or columns, save your display settings.

Select filters and columns you need, after that click on Save view button, enter name of the view and click on Save button.

Views are shown above the job list. You can change their order and names. By default, you have the following views:

  • All jobs - clears all the filters and returns the default set of columns.

  • Unfinished - shows only jobs in the closest 7 days and without the Completed status.

  • Finished - shows all jobs with the Completed status.

  • Successful - shows jobs with the Completed status and a successful resolution.

  • Unsuccessful - shows jobs with the Completed status and an unsuccessful resolution

You can export all the data in the Excel workbooks. This can help you to create your own reports and data analysis.

Choose columns and filters you need, after that click on Export to XLS → Export the currently displayed columns. If you want to export jobs with all columns, just choose option Export with all job fields.  You can download 1000 jobs in one export. If you have more jobs and want to export them all, you'll need to filter them by date in each export.

⚠️Deleted jobs are not shown in the list and you can't open them, you can only recreate them with the same information. Be careful, only users with permission to edit jobs can delete them.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: