In Planado web-application, dispatcher can assign worker to the job. Assignee can complete job in mobile application.

With Bitrix24 integration, you can assign worker to job right from the deal.

To do this, you need to create a list of users from Planado in your Bitrix24.

Open new deal window and click on Add field button. You'll see dropdown menu with all available field types. Choose type List.

After selecting type, you'll be able to add and fill List items as well as change Field name

We'll give field name Planado Workers.

Workers names in the list must be identical to their names in Planado. Foe example, Eric Newman in Planado is written in the list exactly as Eric Newman.

After you entered all of your workers in the fields, click on Save button.

Go back to Planado. Now in configuration settings you can choose to fill Assignee fields from deal field Planado Workers.

After you finish, click on Save button.

Create deal with configured type and stage. When creating, select worker in the list.

Deal will be created. In a minute, commentary with link to the job will appear.

Open the link and you'll see what Assignee field was automatically filled from your selection in Planado Workers fields in the deal.

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