On the first launch of Planado mobile application, you will see the login window. 


Enter your email and password. They can be set when you add a new user. The owner of the Planado domain creates their email and password when they create the demo version.


Click on Log in. The application will automatically show a list of all jobs for the current day assigned to the user you logged as or the team he belongs to. After that, the app will download all the data for the jobs from the server including all the attached files and photos.


⚠️Depending on the attached to job files, on the first launch, you might need up to  30 MB of internet traffic. We recommend launching an application for the first time when it is connected to Wi-Fi.


After that, all the jobs will be updated during synchronization with the server.


Planado will remember the current user, so you won't have to enter your email and password again on the next launch. 


If you want to login to a different user, click on the Log out button in the menu.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.