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A pick list is a type of field that can store different items. Pick lists can be both custom and report fields. They allow dispatchers and field workers to pick one item from a list. For example, you can use pick lists to store your equipment, tools, or materials. 

Pick lists are easier to use than text fields because workers do not need to type anything, they can just select an item from a list.

Creating a pick list

To create a pick list go to Settings → Pick lists and click Add list.

⚠️ Settings menu only avaliable to users with the Administratore permissions. You can learn more about permissions from the Permissions and seats instruction.

A new list creation page will be opened. On this page fill in the list name and list items fields. If you need to add extra items, click the Add list item button. You can drag and drop existing list items to change their order in the list.

After you have finished adding list items, you can add a list by clicking the Add button.

If you need to edit a pick list, you can open it by clicking on its name from the Pick list menu.

Adding a pick list to a template

To add a pick list to a template, create a template or open an existing one.

You can add pick lists to custom or report fields. Custom fields are filled by a dispatcher and reports are filled by field workers. To add a pick list type field press Add job field or Add report field and select the pick list type.

A new field will be created. Enter the field name and choose a pick list in the Pick list field.

Save the template. After that, a new field will appear in new jobs from this template. Your field workers will be able to pick an item from the list when completing a job.

A worker can select only one item from a pick list. If they need to select multiple items from a list, try using multiple pick lists or Yes/No fields.

Template creation is described in more detail in the Template solution.

To learn more about job reports, check the Job report instruction.

If you need any help with pick lists or other Planado features, feel free to contact us at support@planado.app.