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If a job contains photos, you can download them as a ZIP file. You can find links to archive in the jobs themselves, on the Jobs page, and in the jobs XLSX table.

How to download a photo archive from a job

  1. Open the job.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window.
  3. Click the Download all images button.
  4. The archive downloading will begin.


How to download a photo archive from the Jobs page

You can add the photo archive column to the jobs table on the Jobs page.

  1. Go to the Jobs page.
  2. Click the table settings button ("⚙️").

  3. In the opened window check the Photo archive.

  4. The Photo archive column will appear in the jobs table.

  5. It contains links to the photo archives for each job that contains at least one photo. To download a job photo archive click one of the Download buttons,

How to download a photo archive from a jobs XLSX file

If you have already added the Photo archive column to the jobs table, it will appear in the jobs XLSX export file.

  1. On the Jobs page click the Export to XLS button and select Export currently displayed columns.

  2. Jobs export will begin. After it has finished, you can download the XLSX file.

  3. The downloaded file will have the Photo archive column with links to download jobs photo archives.

  4. To download a photo archive, click one of the Download buttons.

If you have any questions regarding jobs photo archive or other Planado features, you can contact us on the Planado support portal or by sending us a letter to support@planado.app.