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Job history shows a worker's actions during the completion of the job. With job history, you can trace your worker's route and their actions during a job.

Working with job history

First, you need to open a job. On the top side click the job history button (?).

How to open a job history

The job history will be opened. It contains all the actions that workers have performed with the job and a map with a field worker's track. Job history contains actions from the web app: who and when has added the job, when the job was published, etc.

Dispatcher's actions in the job history

As well you can view field worker's actions in the job history: when a job was started. when report fields were filled.

Field worker actions in the job history

On the right side of some actions, there are blue location points. If you hover over them, the action location on the map will be highlighted.

Event location on the map

⚠️ Only field worker's actions (job started, photo taken, action done) are highlighted with such points in the job history. A path between them is represented with a color track.

If you have any questions about job history or other Planado features, contact us via email at support@planado.app or via the Planado support portal.