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The shifts feature allows you to specify your assignees working and off days. Off days and non-working hours are visible on the Schedule page. If you try to add a job for a non-working hour, you will be warned about it. The shifts allow you to find a free assignee for a job easily.

Adding shifts to your workers

Go to the Shifts page.

On this page, you will see a list of your assignees and their schedules for the next two weeks.

By default, all days are marked as off days.

If a worker does not have a single working day, it means that they do not have shifts set up. On the Schedule page, this worker will have all days present as working days and you will not get warnings about working hours when adding jobs for this assignee.

To add a working day for an assignee, click a free field on the assignee's timetable. The menu will appear where you set this day as a working or a day off.

Adding a working day

Select the working day option. By default, the length of the working day will be the same as the working hours from your domain settings. If you want to set it this way, just click away to a different day field or to the free space on the page. To set up several working intervals for this day, check the "Specify working hours, job types, territories" checkbox. A new interval will appear. Set up a time for the first interval. If you want to add another interval, click the Add interval button. A second interval will appear. Set the time for the second interval. When all intervals are set, click on the next day or on the free space on the page.

Adding several intervals to a day

You can add a lunch break to your assingees using the working hours.

After this, the day or intervals will be set as working for this assignee. Other days and hours will be automatically marked as off days. Off days on the Schedule page are marked like this:

Break hour in the assignee's schedule

Day off on the assignee's schedule (day view)

Day off on the assignee's schedule (week view)

If you try to add a job for the assignee's non-working hours, you will get a warning about it:

Warning about assignee's working hours

Shfits builder

The shifts builder allows you to fill assignee shifts in a certain pattern. In this case, you do not need to mark working days and hours manually.

To start working with the shifts builder, mark working days for one or several assignees. For example, if your assignees work 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, you must mark these five days as working days in the assignees' shifts. If you use a more complicated pattern like 2-2-3, then you need to add it in full length to assignees' shifts.

Assignees with different shifts patterns

You can mark working hours as well as working days in the shifts builder. To do so, add the working intervals that you are going to use in the constructor to your working day.

After that, click the Shifts builder button to open the shifts builder. In the shifts builder, you can mark days that are going to be used to make a working days pattern for your assignee. For example, for an assignee who works five days from Monday to Friday, you need to mark the whole week where days from Monday to Friday are working days and Saturday and Sunday are off days .

Days for the shifts pattern

When you have marked days, select a period that you are going to apply this pattern. Currently, you can apply it for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Click the Submit button. The shifts builder is going to apply your selected pattern.

Select a period and apply the pattern

As a result, the selected pattern will apply to your workers' shifts for a selected period.

Applied pattern

If your worker has a vacation ahead, you may want to clear their shifts. You can do this using the shifts builder. To do so, you are going to need your assignee to have at least two off days in the shifts. Open the shifts builder and mark these two days. After that, apply this pattern to the wanted period. As a result, your assignee will not have working days in the selected period.

Clearing the working days

You can find more information about working with the Schedule page in the instruction.

If you need help, create a ticket on our support portal or write us a letter to support@planado.app.