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Planado territories can be linked with areas on the map. In order to link them, you need to create a GeoJSON file and upload it to your Planado territory. After that, when you add a job with an address in the borders of your territory, this territory will be automatically selected for the job.

Creating a GeoJSON file

You can create a GeoJSON file with third-party tools like the geojson.io service. The file can contain only one territory, otherwise, Planado would not be able to handle it. Let's see how you can create a GeoJSON file using the geojson.io service.

Creating a GeoJSON file using the geojson.io

Open the geojson.io website. You will see the Earth's globe where you can find your needed territory. 

geojson.io starting page

Zoom the territory that you want to add and select the polygon tool.

Select the polygon tool

With the polygon tool draw the territory that you want to add to Planado. After you finish drawing, click Enter. The territory coordinates will appear in the JSON column on the right.

Adding a territory polygon

If you need to edit your territory polygon, you can use the Edit button. After making changes, click the Save button to save them.

Editing the polygon

To delete the territory polygon, click on it and select the Delete feature button. After that, the polygon will be deleted.

Delete the polygon

After you have added the polygon and it is ready for export, you can download the GeoJSON file. To do so, click the Save button and select GeoJSON. Your file will start downloading. 

Download the GeoJSON file

Now you can upload the GeoJSON file to your territory in Planado.

If you already have your territories coordinates, you can use geojson.io to edit them and extract your territories polygons one by one.

Adding a GeoJSON file to a territory

To add a file to a territory, go to the Settings → Territories page. Select a territory or create a new one. In the opened window in the Boundaries (file in GeoJSON format) field select your file and save the territory, After that, the file will be linked to the territory. 

Upload your GeoJSON file to the territory in Planado

How territory detection works in Planado jobs

When a certain area on the map is attached to the territory in Planado, it will be automatically detected if you add an address within the territory boundaries to a Planado job. Let's see it in the example of a South territory of the city of Sofia. 

Territory boundaries

Now if you try to add a job with an address within this territory's boundaries, it will be automatically linked with the South territory. 

Adding a job within territory boundaries

This way you can connect all your territories to areas on the map. It will make searching for assignees for a job easier. 

You can find more information about territories in the Planado knowledge base. If you still have questions about territories or other Planado features, feel free to ask the via email at support@planado.app or on our support portal.