Possible reason


A template was not set

Set a template for Scheduled job and En route messages in the corresponding field of general settings (Settings → General).

Substitution in the template has errors

In template check, if substitutions don't have any errors: no misspellings, right amount of opening and closing brackets.

The client phone number was not set or has errors

Make sure that contact primary phone number in the job Phone field is correct: number must be in the E.164 format (for example, in Russia — 79268954632).

Job status wasn't changed to En route

Press on En route button in mobile application or click En route and then Save in the job edit window in the web application.

The job was created after message send out an hour

If the job was created after send out the time you set in Send out scheduled job messages at this hour field, SMS notification won't be sent to the client. Please, schedule jobs before this time.

Amount of messages in a subscription plan has reached the maximum

If you ran out of all available in your subscription plan SMS (amount of sent and available SMS can be seen in the settings of  SMS notification Settings → General), please contact Planado technical support.

The mobile operator of the client is in another country

SMS notification work in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. To send messages in other countries please contact Planado technical support.

To learn more about configuring SMS notification read out the article Configuring SMS messages.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.