Resolution — is a result of a finished job. Resolution can be successful and unsuccessful. A worker picks one of the available resolutions when he finishes the job in the mobile application.



If the worker sets that job was completed successfully, Planado will automatically pick Completed resolution in the web application.

If the job wasn't completed successfully, the assignee can pick the reason why and leave a commentary.



Resolutions, that can be used to close the job, can be set in the job template.


A list of all possible resolutions can be edited in the menu Settings → Resolutions. The green color is used for successful resolutions and red is used for unsuccessful.




Click on the Add resolution button and enter the resolution name.


Choose if a resolution will be successful or unsuccessful, as well as an assignee enters any note during the closure.


⚠️Notes can be used in any unsuccessful resolution. But if in the resolution you will mark Note required, an assignee will have to leave a note in order to close the job with this resolution.


Click on the Save button. The new resolution will appear on the list and you'll be able to use it in job templates.


You can delete resolutions you use in neither templates nor jobs. Find it in the list and click on the delete button.


The name of the resolution in the list will be crossed.


To confirm the deletion, click on the Save button.

⚠️Two default resolutions — Completed and Not completed — can't be deleted or edited.

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