Why I don't receive push notifications from Planado on my phone? 


1. No server connection

Application works in offline mode, in the top panel you will see warning sign.


Usually  it means your phone doesn't have network connection. Make sure your  phone is connected to internet and you will begin to receive  notifications.


2. Notifications are turned off

On your phone open Settings → Apps → Planado.

Turn on Notifications to receive them.

3. Application was force stopped

You won't be able to receive push notifications if Planado was manually force stopped in the menu Settings → Apps → Planado. You will receive notifications only if you open the app again.


4. Google Play services are not updated

When you launch application, you see this warning:


You can click on Get Google Play Services or install/update them via official page in the Play Store


5. You are not logged in the application

When you launch application you will see input form where you can enter your email and password.



Log in into your account to see your jobs and receive notifications about them.


6. Job is assigned to different worker

You  will receive push notifications only about jobs assigned to user you're  currently logged as. Check name of the user in the app menu.

If  you don't receive notifications about specific job, check it has  correct assignee. You can also log in to different user by clicking on Log out button.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.