If your clients-organizations have more than one address,  you can create sites for each of them. For example, for a network of shops, offices, or government institutes. Create a site for each address and pick one of them for a new job. This way you'll be able to see all the jobs for a client overall, and for each specific site.


You can also use your own addresses, creating sites without clients. This will help companies that work on internal sites, such as constructions, storages, or power supply facilities.


A list of all sites can be found in the main menu Addresses page.


You can add a site when you create a new job. In the new job window simply click on the New button near the client field and enter information about the site.


List of all jobs for a site and main information about them can be seen at the bottom of the site edit window.

You can read more about what Planado can do on the Features page.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.