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You can add field workers via an SMS (text message) or email invitation. In this case, you do not have to give a worker password manually.

1. Sending an invitation

Go to Settings → Users.

Click "Add field worker".

A new field worker window will be opened.

Fill in the form and choose how the field worker will get the Planado invitation: by SMS or by email. If a worker can complete jobs, tick the "Can complete jobs (seat required)" checkbox. In this case, the new field worker will use a seat. Seats and permissions are described in more detail in the instruction. You can also specify the worker's skills and territory. More information about territories and skills in the Planado Knowledge base.

After you click Add, an invitation will be sent by email or by SMS.

2. Field worker accepts an invitation

The worker's invitation contains a link to set their password. The field worker needs to open the link to continue Planado registration.

Depending on how an invitation was received, in the form they will have to set an email or a phone number and the password.

After filling the form, the worker will receive a message about successful registration. To start working with Planado, they just need to download the mobile application. 

The field worker will have access only to the mobile application. To give the worker access to the web application, open Users settings and tick "Allowed to login to web application".

If you need any help, please, reach us at support@planado.app.