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Linked jobs allow you to connect jobs that belong to one order or to one project. There are two types of the linked jobs. The first type is used when the first job did not achieve its end goal and there is still work that needs to be done, it is the completion job. The second type is used when there needs to be done extra work for the same project/order but it is a different type of work from the original job, it is the new job.

  • Completion jobs have the same template as the original job. The information from all the job fields, custom fields, and report fields will be transferred to the completion jobs fields. You can use completion jobs when an assignee could not finish their job and a client needs a second job.
  • New jobs can have a different template from the original job. Information from original job fields will be transferred to a new job but not from custom nor report fields. 

Original job is a job that is used to create linked jobs from.

Creating a linked completion job

Open a finished job, In the top panel, click Create linked.

Select Completion job.

A new job window will be opened. It will have the same template as the original job, it will also have information transferred from the original job fields.

Specify the date and time for the completion job and add it.

If you open a completion or an original job, you will find the linked jobs panel. It will have all jobs that are linked to the original job or to the completion job. You can switch between linked jobs using this panel.

Creating a linked job from a new template

Open a completed job. Click Create linked → New job. 

Select a template from the list.

A new job window will be opened. It will have a selected template. This job will have the same job fields as the original job but not the custom fields nor report fields. 

Linked jobs with a new template are also present in the linked jobs list.

Linked jobs can also have their own linked jobs. For example, a linked job with a new template can have its own completion job.

If you have questions regarding linked jobs or other Planado features, you can ask them via email at support@planado.app.