After you:

You can see how Planado can help you to select correct assignee by comparing territories.

Open job creation form.

Fill all the fields you need with data.

Click on Territory field. Here you can select on which territory job must be done. Planado will compare assignee territory with territory in this field.

If you choose client from your addresses list, his territory and all the other data will be automatically copied to this job.

Territory is defined manually by dispatcher. If you fill only address, territory won't be automatically set.

After adding territory, you need to assign worker.

Click on Assignee field. Dropdown menu with all the available workers will be opened.

Planado will automatically sort your workers by their territory and show you which workers are not suitable for this job.

Comparison is done using field Territory you filled earlier.

Choose correct assignee from the list.

Planado will also show you warning message if selected worker is not suitable for job with his territory or if there are no suitable workers for selected territory.

This way dispatcher can see if assignee he chose can complete jobs at client address by comparing his territory with territory of the job.

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